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1. Believing is Receiving


Embarking on a journey of a lifetime, walking across America, was a dream I couldn't ignore. The thought of exploring the vast landscapes, meeting new people, and experiencing the country on foot filled me with excitement and passion. However, I knew that making this dream a reality would require meticulous planning and a significant financial commitment. With limited funds and a goal to raise $8,000, I faced numerous challenges along the way. But as I learned, with unwavering faith and determination, miracles can happen.

The Journey Begins

As I set my sights on walking across America, I recognized that careful planning was essential. Over six months, I meticulously mapped out my route, ensuring I had access to food, water, and a place to rest every three days. But the most significant hurdle was the financial aspect, as I needed $8,000 to cover all expenses throughout the journey.

At the time, I was driving for Lyft and Uber, barely making enough to cover my weekly bills. The idea of raising $8,000 seemed daunting, but I was determined not to let that deter me from my dream.

The Power of Faith and Positive Affirmations

To manifest my dream, I knew I had to battle doubt and negativity. Doubt, after all, is the number one dream killer. So, every morning and night for those six months, I would affirm as strongly as I could, "I'm going to get eight thousand dollars." Despite the lack of immediate results, I remained resolute, refusing to let doubts infiltrate my mind.

The Unexpected Opportunity

About halfway into my planning phase, a serendipitous encounter changed everything. Attending an event for fellow Lyft drivers, I crossed paths with someone who held the key to a significant opportunity. This individual informed me about an Uber recruiting event in Nashville, where they were offering $1,000 to anyone who convinced Lyft drivers to take a single ride with Uber.

Seizing the Opportunity

Although hesitant at first, my intuition urged me to take this chance. I bought a ticket to Nashville and, without knowing how it would all unfold, started recruiting Lyft drivers to take that one Uber ride. Despite facing obstacles and skepticism from some drivers, I persisted, knowing that sometimes, a little voice inside pushes us towards the extraordinary.

The Miracle Unfolds

When I returned to Los Angeles with only two weeks remaining before my walk was to begin, I checked my bank account. Miraculously, the exact number I had been envisioning appeared – eight thousand dollars. The precise amount I had asked the universe for was there, a testament to the power of belief and unwavering faith.

The Power of Specific Intentions

The experience taught me a valuable lesson – when you have a dream, be specific in your intentions. Clearly stating what you want and believing in it with all your heart can lead to miracles. While the journey may not be straightforward, and doubts may creep in, it is your unwavering faith that paves the way for success.


Walking across America was not just a physical journey, but a transformational one that reinforced my belief in the power of faith and positive affirmations. By focusing on my dream and refusing to let doubt take over, I experienced the manifestation of my aspirations in a most unexpected way.

Whatever your dream may be, remember to name it, claim it, and hold onto faith, even when challenges arise. Miracles can happen, and when you replace doubt with belief, the universe conspires to make your dreams come true. So, dare to dream, be courageous, and watch as the extraordinary unfolds before you.


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