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Hi, I'm Ryan.

Why are we here? Is everything in life random or do things have meaning, order and purpose? Can work be both fulfilling and rewarding? Do soulmates really exist?

For over 20 years, I've traveled the globe in search of the answers to these questions, studying the teachings of world religions, psychologists, philosophers, and metaphysical leaders. In my quest for knowledge, I've spent countless hours reading self-help books and attending seminars. I've pushed the limits of my physical body, water-fasting for 10 days, hiking 1,000 miles on an ancient pilgrimage trek through Europe, and even walking coast to coast across North America—all in my relentless pursuit of understanding what this life is all about.

This is my story and these are my credentials.

Intuitive Services

  • Explore your Passions, Release your Fears, and Manifest your Dreams

    50 min
    300 US dollars
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